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Wooden toy materials


At present, there are many common materials for wooden toys sold on the market, most of which are natural wood, with only a small portion being synthetic wood.

Firstly, pine wood: it is cheap, but imported wood is more expensive, lightweight, appears white, has a larger grain size, and is more prone to cracking compared to other woods.

Secondly, lotus wood: it is the most common wooden toy material, which is more expensive than pine, heavier, has uniform patterns, high density, and is resistant to falling.

Thirdly, basswood: lightweight, without wood grain, in a beige color, resistant to impact, and more expensive than the above two.

Fourthly, basswood plywood: easy to cut, commonly used for making wooden puzzles.

Fifth, MDF (density board): easy to cut, inexpensive, brown in color, commonly used material for painting wooden toys.

Sixth, beech wood: with uniform patterns and a cross-sectional shape resembling grains of rice, it is more expensive than lotus wood and resistant to falling.

Seventh, rubber wood: Toys made from this type of wood are mostly exported, with a good feel and environmental safety.

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